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Monday, July 15, 2013

Jasper Server(Community OR Commercial) Starting up problem resolved by incresing the memory size

Hi Guys...!!!

Here is the tip to increase the size of the memory to start the jasper server ..

What could be the probable scenarios we can observe ..??

If you install external postgreSQL in your machine..
If you install community server with postgreSQL....
If you install another community server(with latest version) with embeded postgreSQL..
If you install commericial server(jasperserver-pro) with postgreSQL....

When you install all these type of servers in your machine ... there might be very slowness of jasper server startup... It may take 30 min or an hour to start the server..

Make sure when you install more than 1 server in your machine there should be different port numbers for every tomcat and every postgre SQL.

for example you have to give:
1) For community some 5050 for tomact,for postgreSQL 1234
2) For community with another version 6060 for tomcat, for postgreSQL 2345
3) For commercial jasper server pro 7070 for tomcat, for postgreSQL 3456
4) pro with another version 9090 for tomcat, for postgreSQL 6789

& also in services stop all the servers.. i.e, make services start up as manual but not automatic.

Increse memorey size in this file as shown below figure.
File location is :  C:\Program Files\jasperreports-server-5.1\apache-tomcat\bin

Edit here : shown red in color.

Shut down the server and then start the server... you are done.

It's always better to run the startup files and shutdown files from command prompt rather than from statr menu or cicking start service from services or clicking on .bat files in tomcat server.


Queries @ sadakar.1988@gmail.com

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Enjoy now starting up jasper server ... :)