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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Classifications of Reports in Jaspersoft BI - Desktop reporting and Server side reporting

Hi folks,

This post will talk about the classifications & complexities involved in Jasper reports.

Hope readers of this post find something useful when proposing a report system to a customer.

1) Desktop Reports ( Types of reports can be developed using iReport or Jasper Studio ): 

1) Plain tabular reports
2) Cross tabular reports
3) Reports having sub reports
4) Graphical reports
5) Drill down reports
6) Majorly excel/pdf exported reports ( Tabular or Graphical with tabular).
7) Map reports
8) Widget reports
9) Domain based reports
10) Plain textual reports(text,images,html reports).

2) Server side Reports ( On-Fly reporting):
11) Ad-hoc reports(Domain/Topic based)
12) Ad-hoc reports(OLAP- Cubes based)
13) Legacy analysis reporting

Complexities of development:
1) Low complexity
2) Medium complexity
3) High complexity

Data sources & queries categorization:
1) Simple SQL with less joins
2) Complex SQL with more joins
3) Simple & complex stored procedures

Languages supported by Jaspersoft:
1) Groovy script
2) Java script
3) Java


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