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Sunday, February 21, 2016

TIBCO Jaspersoft Mobile Business Intelligence - How to connect to a server from mobile & how to view reports ?

Hi Folks,

In this tutorial, you will see a quick walk through on Jasper Mobile Intelligence setup.

1) How to Install App in iPhone ?
2) How to connect to your hosted jasperserver from App ?
3) How to preview a Report in App?

Environment :  
I have taken my own setup for this example, I have used my locally installed jasperserver to connect to mobile app over my home WI-FI network.

1) Windows 10 Operating System on which Jasperserver professional 6.2 installed and running.
2) iPhone 6

1) How to Install App in iPhone ?

  •  From Apple "App Store"  search for "TIBCO JasperMobile"
  • Click on "Install" to get the app & after installation is done see the icon in tray. 
  • More Information can be found at : 

 Image-1 : App in App Store

Image-2:  Open App in Mobile

2) How to connect to your hosted jasperserver in App ?

1) You need to provide Username, Password and server connection details to connect to hosted jasperserver.

2) There is  Server Profiles Page in App to add server(s) to connect. For that you need to click on "Server" (3rd option in image 2).

3) You will see below page & there you need to give below
   Profile name = sadakar local (you can give any name)
   Server address =   (www.sadakar.com/jasperserver-pro)
   The above two parameters are mandatory to add a server 
   If your server is on multi tenant jasper environment you need to provide Organization ID 
   Click on Save button to add this server in "Server Profile" list. 
  Image-3 : Adding hosted jasperserver in Mobile app "server profile" page.
Image-4: Server Profile list : 
NOTE : If you want to remove this server from list, press on the connection name to get "Edit", "Delete" & "Clone Profile" options. Using these options you can edit the connection, or delete the connection or get a duplicate one.
# Click on "Back button" to come back to the login page
# Give the credentials as shown in below image.
# Username = superuser, Password=superuser and Server=sadakar local  
# Click on "Login" button to connect to the hosted jasperserver. 
Image-5 : Logging into the server

Image-6 : Jasperserver landing page in App after logging. 

3) How to preview a Report ?

# By default when you log into the server in app, it will list down all the reports and dashboards available in "Library" in grid view. 
# Click on the first report "01.Geographic Results by Segment Report" & it starts loading the report. 

Image-6 : 01.Geographic Results by Segment Report mobile horizontal view. 
# Options :
1) Refresh : to refresh the report. 
2) Edit Values : Input controls to the report. 
3) Save : save report as html, pdf or xls formats 
4) Print : Print the report as an image  if the phone is connected to a printer. 
5) Info : Report properties : name, description, path, type , version, creation date & modified date. 
6) Schedule :  Scheduling options from app. 

This way you can work with mobile application. 

Go Pretty with Mobile Intelligence :-)  Instance access to your jasper reports and dashboards :-)

Thank you, I hope it helps someone.

NOTE : If you are experimenting the same at your home using your own WIFI network and Windows and iPhone devices , you should disable the firewall in your windows. 
You can not get the IP opened in your phone browser if you wont stop firewall. 

Cheers :-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tip : Special character(Square bullet point) of Arial font type is not exported to PDF from Jasper server - How to work around ?

Hi Folks,

There are few reports which needs to exported with special characters, for instance bullet pointed sentences or some descriptions about some project or etc.  stored in data base field(s) as value(s).

See below image, the text with bullet point is coming in java output in Studio and server UI output but not in PDF either in Studio or Jasper server

Problem Statement Images :

In Studio :
1) Import arial.ttf file into Studio.
( * This file can be found in Fonts folder of windows operating system
  * Location : Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts
  * Copy paste to Arial folder from Fonts into another folder say in your desktop
 * If you wont' copy paste you can't find arial.ttf file but you could see other arial font files). 

* Navigate to Window -> Preference  -> Jasper Studio -> Font from Jasper Studio Menu bar.
* Click on Add button -> be in the "Normal" tab and click on "Browse" button to add the arial.ttf
   file from the copied location.

3)  As shown in below 2 images select the text field and go to its properties.
     Check for PDF options and give properties as shown in below text.
    But when taking the arial.ttf file from jasper server you should change the pdfFontName="repo:/yourfontLocationIntheFolders"

                <reportElement key="" x="0" y="0" width="555" height="54" uuid="4de18e79-cf3a-44a2-84c8-efb89d4b2f65"/>
                <textElement verticalAlignment="Middle" markup="html">
                    <font fontName="Arial" size="16" pdfFontName="Arial" pdfEncoding="Identity-H" isPdfEmbedded="true"/>

Sample output from Studio when exported to PDF.

 Upload the arial.ttf file in the server as shown in below image : 

I hope this helps someone. !

Thank you for visiting this page. 

Sadakar Pochampalli 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jaspersoft Design Studio Tip : Horizontal Spacing, Vertical Spacing of Selected fields

Hi Folks,

This tip is useful for quick development of text field based complex reports.

Are you tired of adjusting vertical or horizontal spacing between two or more textual fields ?

We have Horizontal Spacing and Vertical Spacing options in Studio.

There are 4 types of utilities available for each.

1) Decrease Horizontal Space
2) Increase Horizontal Space
3) Same Horizontal Space and
4) Remove Horizontal Space.

How to ?
* Same Horizontal Space
Problem :
Width of each text field is : 141 px
When you have 100's fields horizontally and want to make the width 120 and equal distance for all the cells you have to perform below.
Solution :
1) Select 1st field and adjust the width to 120 px
2) Multi select all the fields
  Control+Hover mouse on all fields
 3)  After selection of all fields Right click on any cell and click "Horizontal Spacing" and then click on "same horizontal spacing" option.

4) Sample output :