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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Learn new features in Jaspersoft 6.2 dashboards - Intra dashlet drill down with Ad-Hoc views in Dashboard example - Working with filter groups and Parameter Mapping


This tutorial will help you to understand how to Map parameters from view type dash lets in Dashboard designer in Jasperserver 6.2.

Lets take "Simple Domain" available in Jasper Professional or Enterprise edition and create two views as shown in below images.

View-1 : with "Sales Stage" parameter/filter

(Click on image to get the best view)

View-2 : with "Sales Stage" and "Title" parameter

 Creating Dashboard with Views. 
1) Click on Create --> Dashboard
2) From the exiting content drag and drop the views (Ad hoc view , Ad hoc view 2)
3) Your dashboard design should looks as follows. 
4)  Parameters Mapping & Grouping
Mapping for : Pass parameters from View-1 to View-2
* View-1 has "Sales Stage" filter and View-2 has "Sales Stage" and "Title" filter.
* Out of these parameters "Sales Stage" is common for both the views.
* Observe in View-1 "Title" is the category field (X-Axis). When you perform click action on this   category the category name value should be passed to View-2 and it should be caught by "Title" filter/parameter in it(View-2).
* This can be done by right clicking on the dashlet-1 and setting the hyperlink as shown in below image 

* Please see the top section  in below image(Parameter Mapping Image) for  - how the filters are mapped.

Grouping for : Making dashboard dynamic with dash let parameters - Common & non-common parameters assigning to the dash lets.
It can also available in Parameter grouping section as well in filter button on top of the dashboard

(Click on image for best view of the content )

 Now, save the dashboard and Run it. 

While performing click action on a category: 
 (Click on image to get the best view)

After performing click action see the change in right side dash let : 

This way one can achieve inter dash lets communication in new jasper 6.2 server.

Download Example : Works only on Professional and Enterprise Servers  on food mart database. 

Click Me. 

Domains download for the example used : Click Me

I hope it helps someone for quick understanding.

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Some points :
1) Is it possible 

Until Next ..
Sadakar Pochampalli