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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to export project folder to AWS jasper server professional instance

Hi guys..
This is quite a basic post and will teach you importing & exporting folders
Suppose, you have developed your project in your local machine.
Your project folder structure is looks like below image

You want to upload/deploy the same project in AWS jasper server instance ..
How to export your project in AWS Jasper server instance ?
How to import your project from your local machine ?

How to upload database driver file to AWS jasper server and test the connection?

How to export your project in AWS Jasper server instance ?
In your local machine:
1) Right Click on the folder you want to export and then Click on Export option
2) After doing step 1, you can see a pop-window asking you to give the export folder name and location to save. By default it is export.zip . Just you need a click to Export

How to import your project in AWS Jasper server instance ?
In AWS jasper instance
Open the  AWS jasper server in browser...
( You need URL, username & password of the server) This will provide by your client

1) On the server menu bar go to Manage ->Server Settings
2) On the left side panel you can find import option.
3) Click on it .. Browser  the project folder(zip file) which you exported from your local machine in up question.
Find the image below to understand the scenario.

Now, where you can find your project imported in AWS Jasper server instance ..

This example is based upon JasperServer 5.2 version(earlier versions might have different folder structures).
You can find  imported project folder @

Left side panel : root->Organizations->folder that you imported(Eg: Projects in this example)

 That's it.. you have done with importing project from your local server, and exporting the same project in AWS Jasper server instance ..

In your project you have multiple folders, say 1,2,3,4,5,6 where 1 is the base folder and remaining are arranged in tree structured manner.

If you import and/or upload one folder then the entire folder structure will come with .zip file but you can see only the content of the folder that you imported/exported.

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