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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Publishing OLAP Schema to Jasper Server - Step by Step procedure

Hi guys,
This post will teach you how to publish OLAP Schema( .xml file OR CUBE) to the Jasper Server.

Where to download Schema Workbench ?
You can develop Schema either using PSW(Pentaho Schema Workbench of Pentaho) or SW(Schema workbench of Jasper)
Both the tools are same with their version release difference.

Download the latest PSW in location mentioned below.

Download the same for Jasper using below link

You need to work out at 3 places to see the output of the Schema that you created using PSW or SW tool. They are
1) Analysis Schema
2) Analysis Connection &
3) Analysis Views

I have used PSW-CE 3.5 and Jasper Server 4.5 CE for doing this.

1) Analysis Schema

Step 1:
Upload your .xml file as shown in below figure
RightClick on Analysis Views -> Add Resource -> File -> OLAP Schema

Step 2:
* Browse for the file(.xml file, nothing but your schema file) from your local computer
* Give the location where you want to save the schema file.

2) Analysis Connection
* Right click on Analysis connection -> give name and resource ID (Any name and ID)
* Give location to save the connection in your repository and click on Next button.

* As you are already uploaded your schema in Step 1 you need to to browse for the .xml file here again.
* Just you need to give the path of the schema file(.xml) file that you uploaded in step 1
* For example : /analysis/schemas/demo_schema.xml
* Click on Next, again click on Next
* Imp thing you need to Locate your data source.
* In this exmplae I'm locating already available data sources in the jasper server( I externally created and giving the path for that data source).
  For Instance : /datasources/demodatasource

That's it click on submit/OK button.

3) Analysis Views
* Here you can see the visualization of your schema.
* Right click on Analysis View- > Add resource -> OLAP View
* Give name for the view  then click on Next
* Give the connection path that you created in step 2 and click on Next
* Provide MDX query for your analysis and clickon Submit

You are done with uploading/publishing your Schema to Jasper server.

You can find the output at "Analysis Views" .. there you will see the name of the schema you uploaded .. just click on that schema.. you are ready to analyze your schema.

BI Developer