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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

iReport 5.5 CE(or any community iReport) installation steps in Ubuntu server

Hello guys,
This small post will teach you how easily you can download and install iReport in Ubuntu machine.

1. Get the software from below site


Or you can also download iReport 5.5.0.tar.gz using below link


You need to unzip using tar -xvf <zipfilename> on terminal.

2. Unzip in your fav location

  Example :

You wil get a folder named below

NOTE : command to unzip
unzip  iReport-5.5.0.zip

3. SET jdkhome in ireport.conf file
Location of the ireport.conf file:
root@admin:/home/softwares-installed/iReport-5.5.0/etc#nano ireport.conf

Un comment jdkhome and give the jdk path installed in ubuntu machine
For example:


4. Go to this location and run ireport file from terminal
root@admin:/home/softwares-installed/iReport-5.5.0/bin# ./ireport

You must install java software before in ubuntu or windows before you install iReport in either of the OS's.

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