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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

SquirreL SQL Client Installation in Cent OS 6.5 and connecting to Postgresql foodmart database

SquirreL SQL Client Installation in Cent OS 6.5 and connect to Postgresql foodmart database

When you install jasper server 5.5 pro in Cent OS, it'll install postgresql server as back end database .
In windows , you can connect to postgres using it's client tool PgAdmin-III but it doesn't come in linux machines.

I was in a need of connecting postgresql for demonstrations using foodmart database and found SquirreL SQL client tool to connect.

Installation of SquirreL SQL client in Cent OS 6.5

Note that all the latest SquirreL SQL client software requires java 1.7 or later installed in your local machine(either window or linux).

Steps:(This procedure is for 3.2.1 Client Tool with 1.6 java installed in windows/linux)
1) Download SquirreL SQL from below link

2) Click on the dowloaded jar file and proceed

3) By default it'll take /usr/local/squirrel-sql-3.2.1 location.

4) start Squirrel SQL client
Go to the installed location and double click on squirrel-sql.sh

5) Connecting to postgrsql of jasper from Squirrel SQL client.

a) Download jdbc driver from http://jdbc.postgresql.org/download.html
b) Click on Drivers tab in Squirrel Client as shown in image
c) Click on Extract Class Path
d) Click on Add and locate the downloaded jdbc jar file

 Once you click ok, you can find right mark which symbolized that the driver installed successfully in client tool.  




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