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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tool Differnces b/w Jasper and Pentaho - Next post will teach in - detail differnces b/w the tools and features.

Hi Guys,
This post will talk about quick differences b/w leading open source BI softwares Jasper and pentaho community and enterprise.
Depending on your client/customer requirement you can go either of the software's or the both.

Read this blog (will update link once I done it) to know in-depth differences b/w the jasper & pentaho tools



Availability of Open Source

Community and Enterprise

Community and Enterprise

Enterprise Cost


Reporting Tools
(These are stand alone desktop tools)

iReport(developed on Netbeans)


Jasper Studio( developed on Eclipse plat form)

Pentaho Report Designer(PRD)


Dashboard Tools

CE- No dashboard designer available 

EE – Yes, Built-in Dashboard feature is available

CE -Yes
(Tools : CDE,CDA,CDF)

EE- Yes (Tools : CDE,CDA,CDF) and/or PDD(Pentaho Dashboard Designer)


CE – Yes 

JasperETL or Talend Open Studio for DI

EE – Yes
JasperETL or Talend EE
 CE- Yes 
(Tool Name : Kettle)

EE- Yes (Tool Name : Kettle)


Analysis Developing Tool( or OLAP or Cubes or Mondian)
Stand Alone desktop tool

CE- Yes 
(Tool : Schema Work bench)

EE – Yes(Tool : Schema Work bench )

CE- Yes (Pentaho Schema Workbench)

EE – Yes(Pentaho Schema Workbench-)


Analysis Server Tools

CE – Jpivot View
EE – Jpivot View
  • Analyzer or JPviot View
  • Pivot4J
  • Saiku Analytics


Ad-hoc Reporting

CE – NO ad-hoc reporting is available with CE

EE – Yes
  • You need to create domains and/or topics and then on top of them you will perform ad-hoc reporting
  • Saiku Analytics 

  • Pivot4J 
You need to create OLAP cubes and publish the schema to BA server.
i.e., You will be developing multidimensional database and then performing ad-hoc reporting on it. 
Date Mining
Tool/language : R
Tool: WEKA