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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tip : Connect to postgresq SQL from command line Cent OS 32 bit OS ( Postgres installed with Jasper Server )

Hi Guys,

This tip will let you know how to connect to postgres SQL server from command prompt.

Most of the times, we go for bundled installation of jasper server which also installs postgres SQL server with it.

In windows, it is easy to use pgAdmin client tool to perform various operations on postgresql db...

In Cent OS ?? pgAdmin is specific for windows(or is it not?)....

If we install postgres separately, the logging into it is completely different scenario & the installation must goes into different locations...

To logging into postgres from command prompt follow below steps.

Step 1 : Navigate to below location with su(super user) permission of your cent OS. 


Step 2:fire below command
[root@localhost bin]# ./psql
Password: postgres

Step 3: Show databases


 Step 5 : Connecting to database
Syntax : \connect (or \c) dbname
postgres-# \c foodmart
You are now connected to database "foodmart".
Step 6: Creating new Database 
foodmart=# create database test;
foodmart=# \c test;
You are now connected to database "test".

Step 7 : List all the tables in selected database

\dt lists all tables in the current database 

References :
1) http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-add-postgresql-user-account/
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