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Friday, January 23, 2015

Fusion Bar chart label rotation in Jasper Studio 6.x - Setting advanced properties for fustion charts

This post will give you the idea on how to set Advanced properties for fusion bar chart label rotation with 45 degrees.

There are two ways to set Advanced properties for Charts Pro ( for eg : in this post I'm showing for fusion bar chart).

1. setting properties from Advanced Properties button and then giving property name & value.
2. Writing lines of code in XML source.

Way 1 :
1st way is not working in Jasper Studio 6.x . i.e., you can not see the properties when give advanced properties with version 6.0.0 pro final but as quick as you click ok button once you set them you can find in the code.
1) Right click on charts
2) Go to Advanced properties
3) Give property name & value

Property Name : labelDisplay
Property Value : "Rotate"

4) In the same way give another property

Property Name : slantLabels
Property Value : new Integer(1)

Way 2 :

1) Click on XML source button. 
2) Find where the chart code is .. i.e., tags starting with <fc:chart xmlns:fc="http://jaspersoft.com/fusion" ...........
3) Write below code between the start tag and end tag of fusion chart.
<fc:chart xmlns:fc="http://jaspersoft.com/fusion" xsi:schemaLocation="http://jaspersoft.com/fusion http://jaspersoft.com/schema/fusion.xsd" type="Column3D" evaluationTime="Report">

-------------  Lines of other properties
                    <fc:chartProperty name="labelDisplay">

                    <fc:chartProperty name="slantLabels">
                           <fc:propertyExpression><![CDATA[new Integer(1)]]></fc:propertyExpression>

---------------    Lines of other properties


Sample output :

I hope this tip will help you :-)

References :

BI Developer

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