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Friday, March 11, 2016

Learn new features in Jasper Server 6.2 : Exporting Jaspersoft dashboard to PDF, WORD , PNG and OTD - How to Guide


Jasper server 6.2 Pro/EE releases have lots of improvements and new features. Today, I have gone through one of the features on server side in dashboard designer ,  that is Exporting dashboard to 4 variety of formats namely PDF, MS-Word , PNG image and OTD.

In this tip, you will learn/see how to export dashboard in above formats

1) Dashboard designer properties section has a check box(In the designer mode of dashboard right click anywhere on the canvas)  to enable dashboard export button when previewing.

2) After checking it in dashboard designer properties if you try exporting the dashboard you may get error message.

3) To make sure the export button working correctly, you need to install the PhantomJS software in the machine/server where your jasperserver is hosted/installed.

4) Download and keep the PhantomJS in C drive or somewhere in the directory.

PhantomJS download Link : 

5) Extract the zip file and keep the phantomjs-2.1.1-windows folder in C drive.  
Example : C:\phantomjs-2.1.1-windows
Inside into it, in the bin folder you can see  phantomjs.exe file.

6) You need to give the above .exe path  in js.config.properties file
File Path :

i.e., Add below line in above file


7) Restart the the Jasper server if it is already running and see the preview of dashboard and make use of export button.

Example :  1) Exporting Supermart dashboard to PDF

1) Open the dashboard in Edit mode  or go to the dashboard designer

2) Click the settings button and check the "Show export button" option.
3) Save your dashboard and click on run button

4) Click on "Export" Button to export to PDF or PNG or DOCX or OTD

5) Sample Export to PDF
Image-1 : 

Image-2 :

I hope it helps someone in configuring and in how to do .

Until Next  Post..
Sadakar Pochampalli