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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Jaspersoft Custom Reports Testing Scenarios and Areas

Below are the few common Jasper Reports Testing Scenarios 

General Browser UI
1) Verify the end-user is able to login with the credentials
For example: biuser/biuser
2) Verify report layout as per the mock-up
3) Verify the title of the report – preferable to keep at top middle of the report.
4) Verify the logo of the customer/client – preferable to keep left top of the report. 
5) Verify page number is displayed on the report and is in sequence
6) Verify font, font size of headers and of text consistent throughout the report 
7) Verify tooltip on the report wherever asked to provide
8) Verify report generated date and time.
9) Verify hyperlinks are working fine. 
10) Verify spell check on the report. 
11) Verify numeric values are left aligned and text is right aligned and test padding is applied for them. 
12) Verify pattern (or separator) for numeric values. 
13) Verify report left and right alignments. 
14) Verify NOTE is present wherever asked to provide. 
15) Verify report user guide is added as a PDF or Word as hyperlink to download the file. 
Excel Export 
1) Verify logos are exported to excel.
2) Verify font family and size is same as per the report design. 
3) Verify type of columns for numeric and date fields. Some user may apply formulas or functions in exported excel sheets. 
4) Verify for no empty rows and no empty columns. 
5) Verify exported excel file name should match with the report name. 
Filters testing: 
1) Verify for mandatory filters
2) Verify if the report has cascading filters
3) Verify filters values are in sorted order. 
4) No Data Display message