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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Jasperserver 5.5 professional import-export utility issue while installating in Cent OS

Hi Guys,
This post talk about the below error(import-export.xml) error while installation goes in Cent OS for non root users.
Environment :
Cent OS 6.5(final)

Solution for this error :
Solution-I : --> Installation as root user
* You need to install the jasper server with sudo permission
* for example in Cent OS 6.5
$password(you need type your sudo password of your system- which is a root privilege password )
* This password will be created when you install Cents OS in your machine or you need get it from your IT Team.
* installation will go under opt/ folder
* Though you are installing it under opt with root privileges if you get the same error you need to add your server host in hosts which generally located in etc/hosts for Cent OS
* Open it with vi editor(supported editor) and you need to add your servername/host at the end of each line
* add your server name/machine name at line begining with or localhost
* Also add the same at the end of the second line. 

Solution -II ---> Installation as non root user
In this case you need to install the jasper server as war file installtion.
Refer User Guide for war file installation for non root users in Cent OS.

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