Friday 28 February 2014

Installation of Jasper server 5.5 pro in Cent OS

Install jasper server professional edition of 5.5 version.

Installation steps
1. Open the terminal with sudo permission
[Sadakar@localhost softwares]$ su

2. Apply chmod 777 command for file
[Sadakar@localhost softwares]$ chmod 777

3. Click on series of Forward buttons to finish the installation.

a. Installation location of jasper server in Cent OS:

b. Installation location of postgres in Cent OS:

c. How to connect to postgresql from command prompt
Password: password
databases : \list
connect to database: \c foodmart
show tables : \dt

4. Starting Jasperserver:
You can start the jasperserver in any one of the way sh start (or)  ./ start
[root@localhost jasperreports-server-5.5]# sh start

5.Check the Status of the Service
sh status

1) You must run the postgresql before you start the jasperserver.
2) By default jasper server run on 8080 port number(tomcat server port number).
3) Default database for jasper server is postgres which runs on 5432 port number.
4) You must check whether the port numbers is opened or not in your machine(hint : Check iptables)

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